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We need you!  It takes hundred of volunteers to deliver PATH programs.  To see which area fits your interests click here.  


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Diapers are expensive and mothers living with limited incomes cannot buy them with SNAP (food stamps.) You can help us keep babies clean, happy and healthy by donating diapers.



Fans can be considered a life saver during the blistering hot Texas summers. During our fan drives, box fans can be purchased at Home Depot for $10 and donated to assist in cooling down those in need.



Bring us peas, carrots, potatoes. corn, beans, tomatoes, peaches, pears, etc. We’re not picky! Canned veggies and fruit provided people in need with a healthy, easy meal.


PATH is registered with the IRS as 501(c)(3) organization and has a tax-exempt status. When you donate on PATH’s website, your email acknowledgement will provide the amount, transaction date, and the charity name (PATH), all things the IRS wants you to keep a record of when you donate and talk with your financial advisor or attorney.

When we are busy trying to run the agency, worrying about having enough volunteers and enough resources, it is easy to forget that hundreds, if not thousands of people are praying for God to lift the pain of poverty from their neighbors in need.

The reason it is easy to forget that thousands are praying is because prayer is the most personal and intimate aspect of our relationship with God, and most of the time we pray alone.

Some people do not have time or money to give to PATH. However, all of us have the ability to pray.

It is thanks to prayers that God grants us the time and energy to help someone in need – providing volunteers.

It is thanks to prayers that God grants us the generosity to share freely with those in need – providing donors.

It is thanks to prayers that God grants us the wisdom to meet the needs of others in ways that foster dignity and stability.

It is thanks to your prayers that PATH is here and able to help.



PATH Staff, Volunteers, and Board

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