Food Pantry

PATH operates the largest choice food pantry in our area.  We offer a wide variety of healthy pantry items including fresh produce, dairy, meat, and bread.  We are able to assist families and individuals once every 30 days. We ask that you show proof of residency and bring an ID for any other adults in your household. This is a walk-in service available between 8am and 6pm Monday-Thursday in our main building at 402 W. Front Street in downtown Tyler.


The first Wednesday of each month, PATH operates a Dental Line that you can call if you need basic dental work.  Our case manager will screen all calls to ensure that we are able to make an appropriate appointment with one of our partner dentists.  After the phone screening, you will come to PATH where our case worker will call to schedule a dentist appointment.  PATH partners with Tyler area dentists to provide basic dental services like extractions.  If you are uninsured and have low income, please call 903-617-2827 at 9am on the first Wednesday of each month to visit with Daniela about your dental needs. This service is not offered on a walk-in basis; you will need to call the above number on the first Wednesday of the month beginning at 9am.  Please visit with Carol if you need more information. 903-617-2809

Prescription Assistance

PATH has two programs that offer Prescription assistance.  Our Emergency RX Program allows us to pay 50.00 in prescription assistance for low income, uninsured persons. Please bring your original prescription or bottle to be refilled, ID, and provide income verification. Our income limits match the SNAP eligibility guidelines.  This is a walk-in service.  Our Long-Term Prescription Assistance Program allows PATH to work with your doctor and the pharmaceutical company to enroll you in the free prescription program offered by each pharmaceutical company.  Not all medications are available through one of these programs; most that are included are brand name drugs that you take for an ongoing, long-term condition.  We can call to find out if yours is on the list.  This is a walk-in, income based service available between 8am and 6pm Monday-Thursday in our main building at 402 W. Front Street in downtown Tyler.  Please visit with Carol to learn more. 903-617-2809.


PATH has partnered with The Lighthouse, Dr. Gene Bennett and Eyemart Express to provide vision assistance for our East Texas neighbors.  We can help with an eye exam and glasses one time each year for uninsured, low-income persons. This is a walk-in service as funding allows.  Please bring your ID and provide income verification.  Please call Araceli for more information, or to ensure that we still have funds remaining for the current month. This is a walk-in service available between 8am and 6pm Monday-Thursday in our main building at 402 W. Front Street in downtown Tyler. 903-617-2806

Kid Reach/Mentoring

PATH’s mentoring program pairs children ages 6-17 with an adult who partners with the child’s parent to help at-risk children overcome challenges they may face on a daily basis.  Mentors supply needed support and structure for the children by sharing new ideas, new activities and as a result the mentees gain important new life experiences and tools for success. Do you have a child that you’d like to see paired with a mentor?  Please call or email Mark to get more information. – 903-617-2821.

Rent & Mortgage Assistance

PATH helps with rent for families and individuals that are facing homelessness because they have been issued an eviction notice. As funding allows, we can help with one month of rent every 2 years. Rent assistance appointments are scheduled by phone or in person. Each situation is different and our funding is aimed at those who, under normal circumstances, are able to pay rent on their own.  You must have had an unexpected situation occur that caused you to not be able to pay your rent but have confidence and a plan to pay it on your own next month. You have to bring your eviction notice, income documentation, and ID when you meet with a case worker.  This is a walk-in service, as funding allows, that is available between 8am and 6pm Monday-Thursday in our main building at 402 W. Front Street in downtown Tyler.  Please call Araceli to see if we may be able to help you. 903-617-2806

Utility Assistance

PATH’s utility assistance is provided to families /individuals no more than once every 12 months who have a past due bill that is subject to disconnection.  You must be a user on the account and bring your most current bill with you to PATH. This is a walk-in service, as funding allows, that is available between 8 am and 6 pm Monday-Thursday in our main building at 402 W. Front Street in downtown Tyler. Please give Araceli a call with any questions. 903-617-2806

PATH Community Homes

Our PATH Community Homes are at the foundation of our housing programs.  We provide decent, safe, affordable rental housing for low to moderate-income families/individuals throughout the Tyler area. PATH owns 52 rental homes that are only available to low-moderate income applicants whose income is less than 80 percent of median income. Benefits of the program include the provision of a stable home environment that is safe and affordable. With this comes improved physical and emotional well-being and a sense of stability.

Transitional Housing Program

PATH’s Transitional Housing Program provides strength-based case management for a period of 24 months to those desiring more in-depth guidance and support as they work toward enhancing the quality of their lives.  As tenants in our affordable rent homes, families can work with PATH’s case manager to address the multiple factors affecting low-income families that keep them in poverty, place them at risk of homelessness in need of crisis assistance and limit children’s potential to live in a stable environment. The program benefits include a family’s understanding of their strengths and needs, the establishment of an action plan, achieving identified goals, a savings-match program, and ultimately exit to permanent, stable housing.

Once an assessment has been completed, a family action plan is drafted and goals are established to begin the family development process. The Transitional Housing Case Manager provides guidance, instruction, and support and refers the family to other PATH programs or external organizations as necessary to provide for continuing growth of each family member. Weekly visits ensure that the family stays motivated and committed to making a long-term positive change. All families in PATH’s Transitional Housing program are required to meet regularly with their case manager.

These properties and our Transitional Housing Program are exclusive to PATH and we have a waiting list that prioritizes vulnerability based on where you currently live. Please call or email Nikki to set up an appointment if you would like to get on our waiting list. 903-617-2826

Community Partners

If you need additional services, please take a look at our partners working in the community.

903 Help
The East Texas Crisis Center
Hwy 80 Rescue Mission
The Salvation Army
Bethesda Health Clinic
Goodwill Industries of ETX
The Lighthouse
Samaritan Counseling Center of East Texas
Andrews Center
St. Paul’s Children’s Foundation
East Texas Food Bank
East Texas Human Needs Network
United Way
Habitat for Humanity