History of Bev’s Kid Reach

Bev’s Kid Reach began as the East Texas chapter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters and still maintains the organization’s standards for protecting both mentors and mentees. When the chapter dissolved, the community came together to ensure that East Texas kids still had a resource to find caring adults as mentors. PATH has administered the program for over 10 years and has made dozens of successful matches, helping both kids and adults make meaningful connections in their community. 

Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring by a caring adult, over a prolonged period of time, has been shown in countless academic studies to be effective in helping children stay in school, develop better social skills and self-esteem, lessen the likelihood of illegal drug use or violence, and improve their chances for success as an adult. Mentors supply needed support and structure for the children by sharing new ideas, new activities and as a result the mentees gain important new life experiences and tools for success.

What Mentoring Looks Like

Adults who are interested in becoming a mentor will meet with the Program Coordinator for an initial interview. After successfully completing an application and background check, the Program Coordinator will contact a family from the mentee waiting list informing them of a potential match. The child’s guardian will meet with the potential mentor to approve the match, and once the match is confirmed, the mentor and mentee will be connected. 

PATH asks that mentors spend a minimum of 4 hours a month with your mentee and that you make a 12 month commitment to the program. Mentors get to know the interests of their mentee and plan activities that help them relate to each other. Mentors have taken their mentees to museums, theater performances, sporting events and other special outings. As the relationship grows and the child matures, many mentors stay in closer contact through digital communication as well.

Interested in Mentoring or Finding a Mentor?

Contact Bev’s Kid Reach Coordinator Mark Richardson!